Thursday, October 15, 2009

yay for good BIRTHDAYS

yesterday was my 24th birthday and it was a GREAT day, it's been a little while since i've had such a nice birthday and i'm feeling pretty good right now!
My boss took me out to breakfast at Paradise Bakery, which i LOVE! I also got some sweet giftcards from a few co-workers.
Jared got me Snow White and i already watched it :) He also came to my work with Panda Express :) He drove from ASU all the way to my office and could only stay for 30 miutes because he had to drive all the way back to ASU for more classes....A M A Z I N G, I love my husband, he is the best!!! and he had the most beautiful bouquet of Daisies and Roses sent to my office!
My niece Gracie left me the cutest happy birthday voicemail, and my nephew Aidan called and sang Happy Birthday to cute!!
Lastly I hosted mutual at my house and we played Gospel Feud, I love the young women and my calling and it was a fun way to spend the evening.
After mutual Jared got home from school and that was pretty much it for day, it was PERFECT.
Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes!!!