Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tale as Old as Time

Beauty and the Beast is my ALL TIME FAVORITE disney movie, and the DVD is out of the vault on October 5th!!! Even if you have the old version, I know you want to buy the new Blue-Ray edition...SO HERE is how you can get 10 bucks off when you go to buy it. You just have to have an old copy for the UPC to enter. Or you can just use mine: 786936171631

Monday, September 20, 2010

a long time coming

Typical Kaleb Face: Flaring nostrils, and Wide eyes!!
No more tears during tummy time! Happy Happy Baby!!

I really should post more, especially now that I have a sweet little guy t hat I coudl talked about forever!! But, being a mom and going back to work is crazy and really the last thing I want to do when i finally get home is get on the computer and blog! SO here's a quick update with what the Tieman's have been up to......

Jared: BUSY BUSY BUSY with school. He has a very full schedule once again, and all his classes are later in the day, so weekends are really the only time we get to spend time together. After this semester is done, he only has 2 classes left, we couldn't be more excited!!
Becky: BUSY BUSY BUSY with work/church/mommy stuff :) I work mon-fri, so i'm gone from about 7:30 to 5:30. I rush home everyday so I can get as much Kaleb time in before he's down for bed! The weekends are the best ever because I get to be with my boys all day :) I'm still in YW, which I love, but it is way harder planning things with the way my schedule has been.
Kaleb: Best Baby Ever! He is the sweetest, custest, little man! He makes my day, everyday! We are super blessed to have such a happy baby! He LOVES to chew on his blankets/bibs/mom's shirt. He also drools more than i've ever seen a baby do, he soaks his clothes completely! He loves to play with his Dad. He loves bath time. He doesn't hate Tummy Time anymore!!! He is so much fun to play with now that he can really hold his head up, and he has started grabbing at his toys, so now i can actually distract him with his toys instead of just waving them around his face. He also loves to look at the T.V. when food network is on....don't ask me why, maybe it's the colors on that channel, but it's hilarious! I'll face him towards me so we can talk ,but he strains his neck like crazy so he can see the screen...who knows maybe he just loves food like his momma :)

We might have kind of a crazy life right now, but i feel like we have finally gotten used to being parents.... I'm sure something new will come up soon and throw us for a loop :)