Tuesday, September 1, 2009

good luck Mom & Dad!!

Last night I said goodbye to my parents, they are currently on the road heading to Alaska where they are moving to!! It was pretty tough saying goodbye, considering they've never lived more than a 30 minute drive from me. But i kept my promise, and I didn't cry!!! I'm sure it was hard enough on my mom as it was and she didn't need me bawling my eyes out in front of her.....I waited to do that until they left and Jared made it home just in time for the water works :)
I was a little sad because of course I will miss seeing them so frequently, but I am SOOO happy for them!!! I am truly so blessed to have such amazing parents who have set such an awesome example for me. My whole life they have made sacrifices for their children, so it really brings me a great amount of joy to see them get to do something that they have wanted to do for so long. I love my parents, they are the best and I wish them good luck in their new adventure and many successful fishing trips to come. Can't wait to visit!!