Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last weekend we went to the Az Science Center to see the Dino exhibit with two of my nephews Aidan and Gavin, and their dads. It was a super fun little activity, but DON'T go saturday mornings!!! The line to get in took so long, thank goodness that the boys were so patient...I think Jared did most of the complaining :) The dinosaur thing wasn't very impressive, but the kids still loved it, and they had a great time playing with everything else. Sorry I didn't get too many pics, my camera died pretty early one, so this is all you get!
Aidan and Gavin waiting so patiently to get in
Jared and Aber waiting, not so patiently
I told Aidan to give me a big smile...this is what i got :)
Diggin' for bones yo!
Gav and Aidan by the 'huge robot dude'

Monday, April 28, 2008


Easy- google your answer and post the FIRST image that comes up, HAVE FUN!

What is your Favorite Food? Hot Dogs
What is your age? 22
What is your Middle Name? SueWhat is/was your college major? NursingWhat is your favorite vacation? Lake PowellWhat is a bad habit of yours? LazinessWhat is your Pets name? don't have one, but the 1st dog I get will be "CLARK"What place would you like to visit? Australia
Where would you like to live? in a New House I now TAG anyone that hasn't done this yet.....so go do it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shout Hoo-Ray!

A million HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to you Jared!!! I love you SOO much honey, have a great day, and Guitar Hero 3 is all yours today :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


SO, any of you who work with the public, or have ever worked with people can probably feel my pain right now....but seriously i have days like this everyday!!!

At work we sell Bagels....you can buy just a bagel by itself for $1.00, or you can get one with Cream Cheese or Peanut Butter for $1.75, or just regular Butter or Jelly for $1.25. Also, here customers can just grab whichever kind of bagel, bring it to the counter and tell me what they want....easy

So here's the Play by Play of the incident:

Crazy Woman brings a Sesame Bagel to the counter....

Crazy Woman: I'd like this (holds up bagel), and a Small Coffee
Me: Okay just a Bagel plain right? and a Small Coffee?
Crazy Woman: Yup thanks
Me: Okay, that'll be 2.43 (i hand her the coffee and she hands me the money) Have a good day.

Crazy Woman walks around counter to pour her coffee, as the next lady in line steps up

Woman #2: I'd like this Bagel and some Cream Cheese, please
Crazy Woman(interupting Rudely): Um, where's my Butter??
Me: Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize you wanted any butter, I can get you some, It's an extra .25 cents.
Crazy Woman: But i already payed for my Bagel!!!!
Me: I understand that mam, but you didn't ask for any butter so I charged you for just a Plain Bagel
Crazy Woman: Well, why would i get a bagel with nothing on it, I wanted butter, you should have know that!
Me: Mam, there are 5 different options for a bagel,........I'm sorry i didn't realize you wanted butter, i can still get you some, it'll only be an extra 25 cents.
Crazy Woman: This is ridiculous, I'm not paying you more money because you can't get an order right, just give me some butter!
Me: You never ordered butter, and I'm sorry i can't just give it to you, you have to pay for it, it's a quarter
Crazy Woman: WHY WOULD I ORDER A BAGEL WITH NOTHING!! You should have known i wanted butter, what kind of idiot people do they hire here?!?!
Me: Well they hire People who take orders, not people that can READ MINDS!

She proceeded to yell at me how we lost a customer, and then stomped off dramatically....

I really need a new job

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new do, hair-do that is, ah heh heh heh

So here it is, my new hair cut, and I love it!!