Friday, November 4, 2011

the debut of little miss

Tenley Jade Tieman

8lbs 6oz

20.5 in

10/25/2011 8:54am

Our sweet little girl was born just 8 days before her due date, but I had been feeling ready for her arrival for sometime before that! I was at 3cm for a couple weeks, and had my membranes stripped on the 21st when I was now at 4cm(not the funnest experience). After that I had been feeling contractions on and off for a few days, but they just never got any stronger or closer together, so it was slightly frustrating but I knew it couldn't be too far off. Went for a few walks here and there, but mostly just tired me out!

Finally on Monday night around 11 or so I noticed the contractions were getting a little stronger, and I really hadn't been able to sleep much anyways so I waited a little bit longer and at midnight I decided I would start timing them. Well, I only recorded one, because about 12:15 my water broke while I was laying in bed. It was for sure a weird feeling, first a pop, and I swear it was like a popping sound even, and then a bunch of fluid. I woke Jared up and started for the bathroom, where I spent the next 5 minutes just constantly leaking....if you are grossed out by this, you may as well stop reading now :)

While I was chilling in the bathroom, Jared and my Mom grabbed the go bags and got ready to leave. I finally came out of the bathroom and started having much much stronger contractions...i was ready to go! We got Kaleb in the car and headed to my sisters to drop him off. On our way to the hospital I had contractions about 5 mins apart and they were really starting to hurt. Once we got there and up to OB Triage, they decided they needed to assess me to make sure that my water really had broken.....really,? I think it's humanly impossible to pee that much, and I was totally in labor anyways, by now my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, hurting like a mother, I mean they were bad enough that while the lady was asking me a million questions I couldn't answer during a contraction because they hurt so bad. I don't even know how long we were there answering dumb questions, even tho we pre-registered, but finally we got to a room!

By now I was in serious serious pain, like pain i've never felt before, my entire body would shake kinda pain, and there was no position or any combination of breathing that made it easier to get through. It was all in my lower back too, I mean i could feel like pain of the contraction in my abdomen area, but my back hurt so bad that's all i could think of. I couldn't get my epidural until i had one bag of the IV through my system first, so I just stared at that dang bag hoping my evil glares would speed up the process!! At this point I felt like I was being a wimp, because we really hadn't been at the hospital very long, maybe a couple hours at the most. When the IV went through, the anesthesiologist was in my room, getting me ready to go...I had more than one contraction while he was working his magic and hearing the words 'hold as still as you can' during the worst pain of your life was pretty comical, but i did my best....I think i probably squeezed that poor nurses shoulders a little too tight during them. It took a little while for the medicine to kick in and when it did I could still feel significant amounts of pain, so I guess he upped my dosage.

Oh yah, and after the epidural the nurse checked my cervix and I was 9cm dilated!!! Seriously?! I progressed super fast, so no wonder I was in a hellish amount of pain...who knew? Lol, but seriously i felt much better about not being wimpy after she told me that. Here's where things slowed down took a little while to get to 10cm and when I did, little miss Tenley was positioned a little crooked behind my pelvic bone. The doctor said that her head was hitting the 'corner' of my pelvis, which turns out to be slightly crooked on one side anyways. He thinks thats why my babies have such a hard time coming down further, that combined with their bigger than normal sized noggins. He said my pelvic bones have plenty of room for them, it's just a matter of getting them 'around the bend'. So yah, he tells me we need to have the epidural wear off so that i will feel the contractions more, which will help my body labor down. HOLY PRESSURE batman, that was awful! Every contraction felt like the baby was gonna shoot out, but they tell me that I can't push yet because the pressure i'm feeling is her head trying to push around that bone, which she hadn't quite accomplished yet. This was super agonizing, waiting, and waiting, and waiting.....

My poor doctor knew about my last experience with labor, so i think he was afraid to even use the word vacuum in front of me :) He did finally bring it up and assured me that she was pretty low, he just wanted to use it to see if he could guide her head around the bone, and he promised no crazy pulling :) He kept his word, and after a few good pushes, she was OUT! The nurses took her right away, she had a bunch of gunk in her lungs so she took a little while to cry, but man does she have a set of lungs!! The doctor kept giving the nurses a hard time for taking so long, but finally i got to hold her and it was the best feeling ever!

I just remember being so physically exhausted when i had Kaleb and I was so out of it by the time I had him that I don't really remember much of our first cuddle session. I remember he was beautiful and it was so peaceful laying with him, but that's about it :) This time around I was still way tired but much more alert, and looking at that sweet baby girl on my chest was a little bit of heaven. I also think that the fact that she was my second child and I knew exactly what we were in for made me more emotional. I mean I have this wonderful son who I love more than the world, and now I'm holding a sweet baby girl who will have the same effect on us as parents. It's a pretty cool feeling people.

We are just so in love with this little girl and she is the perfect addition to our growing family.

Monday, October 24, 2011

patiently waiting i guess

Quick little update on Baby Tieman numero 2.....she is still cooking! I am So ready for this little girls arrival, but I guess she is not :)
Ever since my last Dr's appointment I have been having lots of contractions. They are even pretty consistent, but they are just not getting any stronger or closer together, so I know going to the hospital would be a waste! Especially since the doc said if I did go they would probably keep me there since I am already dilated to 4cm. Then if I didn't progress they would end up breaking my water for me or putting me on pitocin...yuck! I really want things to happen on their own, so i'm waiting until labor really hits to go in.
Because of all the contractions, I haven't been getting much sleep at all, so I have been trying plenty of 'natural' labor inducers....WALKING sucks! Seriously it's a chore, and i don't think it's helping either...i just get really tired after we get back home! Nothing else has kick started anything either, so I'm thinking it'll happen when it happens and thats that :)
I can't wait till she gets here, I'm so excited to see that little face and get to be done being hugely pregnant. I'm not a big complainer but being this pregnant with Kaleb was much much easier...Jared says it's because girls are a pain :)
Hopefully my next post will be full of hospital pictures and a cute little baby girl!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

9 months and 2 helmets later!

i'm finally getting around to it, but Kaleb has been helmet free since July 28th!!! The picture to the left is his very last moments in his helmet, and let me happily say, his LAST car ride having to wear it!!
He was 4 months old when we started the doc band treatment with Cranial Technologies, and it was quite a ride. Dealing with stinky, and i mean STANKY helmet head was probably one of the least loved moments. Car rides lasting longer than 10 mins in the AZ heat were also terrible! I carried a hand towel in the car so i could wipe down all the sweat in the helmet at each destination. I would also sometimes carry a few ice packs and leave them in the car seat while we were in the store or wherever, just so when we came back he seat wasn't so dang hot!
Luckily, Kaleb was pretty much an angel child through the whole process and it never seemed to bother him that he had to wear that thing 23 hours a day! Overall, we are very happy we decided to go with the doc band, i loved Cranial Tech, they were great (sucked that i had to drive to Phoenix Childrens Hospital ALL the time) and we are pleased with the results.
You can see his before and after pictures below, which may not seem that amazing to everyone else, but it is crazy awesome to me!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

the $3 Boppy Slipcover

yes, you read that right, I said 3 dollars :) I love my Boppy Nursing Pillow, I used it ALL the time with Kaleb, but teh cover for it was blue on one side and rocketships on the other. Cute right, but not exactly girly, so I looked for some cute ones, found a couple that i loved, but not enough to pay $24 bucks for them! So i got crafty, and tada, here it is!
I already had the fabric for the project, so I only had to spend 3 bucks on a zipper, not bad i'd have to say! One side is the Black Damask print, and the other is a soft pink.I found a pattern online, but I didn't like the way the zipper was done, so i modified it so I could put the zipper on the outer seam. I also used an invisible zipper (see below) and I liked the way it came out much better! One more thing i can check off the list of stuff to get done before the little sweet cheeks arrives!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a Summers Update

Jared graduated from ASU in mid-May, and didn't start his new job until the beginning of June, so we took the opportunity of that rare free time and enjoyed some family vacationing!

It started off with a quick trip to the Wildlife Zoo as one of Kaleb's pre-birthday presents. Everytime he would see any type of animal on TV or dogs around town he would FREAK, so we thought he would just LOVE the zoo! It took him a while to realize what was going on, but once he did, he was in baby heaven :) He loved riding on Dad's shoulders and checking out all the animals, even the super boring birds! Mom's favorite part of the whole day-trip was the aquarium, and probably because it was all indoors and air conditoned :)We planned our vacation to go up to Colorado and visit with Jared's sister Julie and her super fun family. We never get to see them unless they come here because Loveland is pretty north in CO and made for a long drive. It was worth tho, not only did we have a blast visiting family, playing with crazy kiddos, going out to eat..alot, but the scenery was amazing!!

(Suprisingly enough when we got to the cabin it was cold AND rainy!)

Since the drive was pretty long, we decided to stop at the Tieman cabin in Parks, AZ and stay there a few nights first. We also went to Bearizona, again....we love going there! It's a pretty cool drive thru zoo in Williams. There is also a walkthrough area with smaller animals, once again, Kaleb thought the animals were pretty sweeet!(kaleb thought the rain was pretty cool too)

(super cute bear clubs climbing a tree)

When we finally left the cabin to head up to Julie's, we had a good 7+ hour drive ahead and we weren't too sure how the k-man would do, so just to be safe we booked a hotel in Telluride, which was close to halfway between the cabin and Julies house.

We also go to stop in Four Corners for a break, it was super windy though so we didn't stay long! Our drive through the mountains to Telluride was breathtaking! i couldn't stop taking silly pictures of mountains topped with snow and rivers, but seriously they were everywhere and so beautiful!! When we got to our super nice hotel, we were all starving, so we got a quick bite to eat. We hurried back to the hotel because it was FREEEZING! Literally! it snowed while we were there, which i did not expect at all, and since i was in flip flops i wasn't exactly prepared either!(one of MANY snowy mountain shots taken on the way up)

(see i told you, beautiful rivers, and snow everywhere!)

(snow starting to come down, on our hotel balcony)

We were sad to leave the beautiful little village of Telluride, but excited to finally get to our destination. Once again we drove through some amazing mountains, cool tunnels, and TONS of snow!! It got a little scary at some points, we couldn't see anything and were driving down some steep roads with big trucks whizzing by us! Luckily we made it in one piece! We seriously had so much fun in Colorado. The weather was amazing, we got to do some pretty cool touristy things, even took a day trip to Wyoming so Jared could get his precious fireworks :) Thanks again Krause family for letting us stay, we can't wait to come bug you guys again!(another georgeous mountain covered in snow!)

(jared and kaleb almost at the top of the Rockies, we couldn't drive all the way up because snow still covered the road, but it was freezing and clowdy up there!!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

MAY brought a graduation and a new job!

After 4 years, and countless study hours, he did it!!!!! Jared Tieman became an official ASU GRAD! I was so proud of him and all the hard work he put into his schooling. At the graduation ceremony one of the speaker was recognizing different key people that helped the students graduate and when he mentioned for all the spouses to stand, I jumped out of my seat and was hopping around and waving my arms like crazy...they even put me on the jumbo screen...Jared thought it was pretty funny! It really felt like forever that he was in school and it is SO nice to not have to worry about tuitions and class if we can only get those student loans paid off :)

Amazingly enough Jared had a job lined up before he was even graduated! Now that was an ordeal in itself...i serioulsy lost count of the places he had applied to, and with the construction industry really struggling in this economy, i have to admit we were a little worried. After a Temple trip or two, and a lot of prayer and fasting(on Jared's part), he was offered a great job with a company called Kitchell. The best part about it is that he gets to stay in one area since he is working at one of their offices right now, and they offer some amazing benefits, which we desperately needed!

So far thnigs are going great there, Jared really likes it and we are extremely blessed!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pregnant...round 2

i am currently 26 weeks pregnant, but this post is going to be more about when we found out we were pregnant again :)It was right around the beginning of March that I finally decided to take a pregnancy test...honestly, being pregnant was the furthest thing from my mind when my period was late, i really just thought it was still getting back to normal since having Kaleb. It was my sister Donna, who convinced me to go buy a test, so i bought some cheap off brand one at Fry's. The line was definitely there, but it was SUPER faded, so i convinced myself it was probably a bad test, but I told jared about it either way.
I was a little nervous about what his reaction would be, but to my surprise he had a big grin on his face and his first word was 'cool'. We were on our way home from Macayos when I gave him the news and he decided to stop at walgreens so i could get another test to be sure.....I bought 6 tests total, and i took 4 of the fourth one, which was a big, fat, digital response that read PREGNANT, i figured it must be true and didn't take anymore.

I think I was truly in denial for the first few weeks, and if it wasn't for Jared I don't know when I would have finally scheduled an appointment. Lo and behold we made it to that first nerve racking ultrasound and there it little blob staring right back at me! I think it was then that I had my first really excited moment, and immediately I had HUGE feelings of guilt for being negative about changing two sets of diapers, and having to deal with a new baby, while my first baby was still a baby!

Announcing this pregnancy has been...interesting. Most people are shocked just because how close the kiddos will be...just under 17 months if you were wondering :) Although I have had tons of positive feedback from people, I am surprise at the amount of negativity some people have decided to give. Some have actually laughed when i told them, seriously laughed...i don't see the humor, or do i understand the question "wow, crazy, what were you guys on when you decided that?" Well Birth Control actually, but really, does it matter if we had planned it or not, shouldn't you just be happy for us that we are having another child? I have come to the conclusion that people that give me comments like those are either

1.) Too stupid to realize what they are saying is offensive, or

2.) Too rude to care

needless to say, I rarely mention anymore that this little one was unplanned, because I could not be more excited to have this baby! I also realized that most of my concerns about having a second child would still concern me even if they were much farther apart. I think it is so amazing knowing that this special little spirit is so exited to come down here and hang out with us! I am still nervous about handling my kids and still getting use to the phrase "my kids", but i wouldn't have it any other way!

Since then we found out we are having a sweet little girl, although Jared didn't believe the ultrasound tech and it took two more visits for him to finally agree that things will be a lot more pink around here :) We will have to make some adjustments around here for her arrival, but I am so blessed to have such an amazing, supportive husband and a perfect little boy to keep my stress levels down! This little girl has a alot love coming her way and we can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010

OH Christmas, how you were so different this time around than any other year! Usually jared and I wake up, eat some yummy breakfast, open 1 or 2 gifts from eachother and we're super bored by noon!
This time, 90% percent of the presents under the tree were for Kaleb, and even though he was only 6 months old, he still managed to unwrap most of them. However, he was more interested in the piles of wrapping paper than his shiny new toys.
It was also very different putting up all our lights....every year we put lights anywhere we possibly can and we can usually get the biggest stuff done on one Saturday. We had to block a seriously mobile baby from playing with all of my de-tangled lights strewn around the house and could only manage serious outside decorating during naps.
Even though it took twice as long, we still managed to get our house all spruced up, and it was even more fun watching the reveal with a squealing little man to enjoy with! I'm sad to say i cannot find a picture of the house all lit up, and I KNOW i took a few!
It was probably the funnest Tieman Christmas yet, which makes me even more excited for this year! Kaleb will be 18 months old, and even more fun to watch. plus we'll have a teeny tiny baby girl to add to all the crazy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

here we are!

Let's see here, I haven't updated this blog in oh, 8 months or so! I really don't want to do a super long post of updates, so I'm starting off with a normal little post of what we did this last weekend...i'm going to do updates one at a time, but enjoy this little tidbit in the meantime :)

Over the weekend, we had our Stake pioneer Activity...which was really just a big BBQ, so we only stayed about an hour. Me and the outdoors do not get along so well right now, maybe by october we'll be on better terms. Sunday after church we (and by we I really mean Jared) helped Josh and Claudia move some of their stuff to a storage facility. It's always fun seeing them, and it was great because we got to hang out at Tom and Shirley's afterwards, and my two favorite boys went swimming together.
Kaleb had a blast in the water, but much like his dad, he didn't last long and was ready to get out pretty quickly..aren't they the cutest!!!