Tuesday, July 10, 2012

super speed

I'm not quite sure how Kaleb pulls off these stunts in the amount of time that i'm either: using the bathroom, getting a bottle for his sister, sorting laundry, or anything under a couple of minutes really!  I'm starting to think he has some sort of super power; super speed, or maybe he can freeze time :) Why on earth does it surprise me every time, i guess i should start getting use to it :) 
Today I found him in the kitchen with the fridge wide open.  A few snacks on the floor, but he managed to get my chocolate pie open and started eating it.
It's so hard to get mad at him when he looks so incredibly happy and proud of his accomplishment.  It's difficult not to just laugh about it, so what do I do.....I bust out the camera, so I can record the event and then I finally decided to take the "If you can't beat them, join them" approach 
So I shut the fridge, grabbed a fork, and we shared the rest of the pie :)  Kaleb thought it was pretty cool to sit on the floor together, taking turns with the fork.  He pretty much giggled the whole time :)


I had to post this because it just made me laugh! I totally did the same thing when I was a kid :)

So I gave Kaleb a handful of those ritz sandwiches and this is what I found after he was finished....a bunch of slimy, separated halves, he just licked off all the cheese! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

potty training?

So we started potty training a little while ago, and it's been going...well interesting i guess :)  I've discovered that Kaleb could care less about feeling wet, he would sit in wet undies all day if i let him!  Well, not quite undies, I got him some cloth training 'undies' but they are pretty bulky, more like a diaper.  They aren't very absorbent though, so I know he can feel when he's wet from peeing his pants....he just doesn't mind i guess.  I really like tho them because they don't leak like regular undies, we'll probably move to regular undies when he does better.  The naked approach doesn't work for him either, he actually thinks it funny when he pees without any clothes on :\ Right now he does pretty good with numero 2, he likes going in the potty but probably just because I make a big deal when he does it :)  Rewards, excitement, treats, etc...it's cute because i can tell how excited he is when he goes in the toilet.  
I do feel like I'm spending most of my day constantly taking him to the bathroom, so it feels like a lot of work but I'm gonna keep chugging along since he is not resisting it.  He's super stubborn so I thought he would just reject the idea all together, but so far so good.  We have a long road until he's totally potty trained, that is for sure! And washing the cloth super undies isn't very fun, but I'm happy to be spending less on disposable diapers :)  Here is Kaleb hanging out on 'his potty'

oh and on a side note, I'm kinda glad we're living in a small apartment right now because every time I take Kaleb to the bathroom, Tenley disappears! Luckily there aren't very many places to look for her, especially since i've been keeping all the doors closed.  
This is one of her favorite spots, and it's nearly impossible for me to get to her when she crawls back there so I usually just wait for her to decide to come out :)