Friday, June 13, 2008

time to say goodbye...... crazy homeless people, traffic from all the games, my job, all the weirdos in our building, light rail construction, the abnormal happenings of Central Ward (crazy Russian dood that plays "Godfather" prelude music in particular), the communal laundry room, my job, trying to manage all the grocery bags in one trip, extra curricular bum activities, the doorman, did i mention my job? and WHY do i get to say goodbye to all things downtown phoenix????


Yes, that is right folks, Jared and I are moving into a new house in Suprise. We had a lot of good times here in downtown, and there are actually things I will really miss, but I am SO exited to leave some things behind and start a new adventure! We should be moved out there by middle to late July. We have so much stuff to do and buy too, it's gonna be a busy month!! We're going out there this Saturday, and i will take some pictures, to post, so you can all see where we'll be!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


How to play this game. Post these rules on your blog; List 3 JOYS, 3 FEARS, 3 GOALS, 3 CURRENT OBSESSIONS/COLLECTIONS and 3 RANDOM SURPRISING FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

1. JARED: I am crazy about my hubby, he is the best person in world, and I couldn't live without him!!

2. MY WHOLE FAMILY: they are full of weirdos but I love them
3. The fact that I'm quitting my stinking job at the end of this month, YAY!!!

1. Losing a member of my family
2. Not being able to have children
3. The Dark - totally with you on that one Melissa, it's scary people, c'mon!

1. Getting into a house by the end of Summer
2. Being in better shape for the Lake Powell trip...running out of time, and it's not looking good
3. Find a new Job by next week!

1. Everything TWILIGHT, seriously I can't get enough of those books, I should kill my sister for telling me to read them!
2. Polka-Dots: clothes, cards, bags, shoes,'s quite pathetic actually
3. Rockband/Guitar Hero 3 (when i have time, and when Jared isn't hogging the XBOX)

1. I have what Jared calls a "Process" when i get out of the shower, i can't just grab and towel and get out, I have to ring out my hair and get most of the water off of me first. It's weird, yes i know, but i HATE touching wet towels, even if i just barely got it wet from drying off.
2. If it was possible to not gain a million pounds, I would eat a HOT DOG everyday of my life, they are by far the best food ever!!
3. I daydream ALL the time, like seriously day dreaming. For example: after I read a good book or see a cool movie: I'll make up new story lines in my head, and put myself in as a main character, and then daydream about how it plays out all day. (yes i did it with the twilight series, if you wanna know just how weird i am, ask and give you the details of my character :)

okay, now that that's over, I think I'll tag : Donna, Joann, Julie, Erin, Julia, and Jennifer, woops that was 6, oh well, have fun ladies!