Friday, March 26, 2010

#1 The CRIB

We got the crib in, and Yup, we ordered it from Walmart (k-mart) haha.....Anyways, that comes as a big shock to me, because my hubby HATES that place!! After some price convincing and reading tOnS of reviews, I got him on board. He set it up the day it came in, and it looks great, it's very sturdy, and was priced wonderfully for my taste/budget. I just couldn't justify spending 400 bones on a crib...yowsa! So here's the picture and it'll be awhile before there is any bedding on it.

#2 Third Trimester!!

I am officially on the last third of my pregnancy and it so exciting that I have less than 90 days on my little ticker! It has felt like it's gone by pretty fast so far and I'm hoping that trend stays. I started feeling pretty tired since about a week and a half ago and I'm sure that will only progress. I had my last monthly appt. today and then it's down to every two weeks!

My favorite things have been:

*The ongoing pregnancy excuse to do whatever I want :)
*My ability to continue working without any preggo related issues
*Feeling little man do his warm ups in the morning
*Watching my belly move around all weird like!
*How just the thought of all the different things coming up in our lives have really strengthened Jared and I as husband and wife
*Ultrasounds and Dopplers at my appointments
*All the cute boy clothes
*How amazing my husband has been to me for the last 6 months and how excited he is to be a dad!
*Dreaming about this great little guy that I can't wait to snuggle and kiss and spoil!

The not-so wonderful things: (but they're worth it!)

*horrid back pain
*the ridiculous leg cramps from hell that strike at 1am!!!
*my boobs are getting huge and not in a good way!
*swollen feet by about 4pm :(
*1 million+ bathroom trips a day
*headaches, oh the headaches
*strange people at the grocery store that feel inclined to rub my ever growing bump!

Yep, pregnancy has it's ups and downs, but I really have enjoyed it all, just thinking about holding that little man in my arms in less that 3 months makes it all so SO worth it!!

28 weeks! Yes that is a pile of laundry in the background that i ignored for 3 days, and Yes, those are Jared's pajama pants!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


on Saturday I got a pedicure and it was toes look super cute too! However, I'm not sure why I paid to get them all cute and painted because unless I am sitting down, they have disappeared from all visual angles!

*the view from above...SEE, no toes!*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday = Friday!!!

t-minus 2 hours till my weekend starts, woohoo i made it!!!!! (almost)
*on a side note we got the crib in yesterday and set soon!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

SPRING break?

Yes I work for a School District, but NO i do NOT get Spring Break off....I am a 12 month employee, so I don't get any normal school breaks off. All i get is the regular holidays, think of a bank, or post office schedule...that's me! :)
It gets better tho, in an attempt to save the district money, they usually make it mandatory to take Friday's off during these week long no school periods. This does not mean they give us a paid day off on means if we don't want to use a vacation day we must work 4, 10 hour days, and boy do I love working for 10 hours :) I was not made to work for ten hours at a time...ever!

Jared on the other hand, loves the idea of working longer hours if you get an longer weekend....I wish we could switch this week.....But I am glad he gets a week off of school, he deserves a break even though I know he won't give himself anytime to relax. that is just how the man operates. I love my dear sweet husband, I do not understand his constant need to be doing something, but I am thankful for him and all the things he does. I can pretty much guarantee that during his week 'off' he will finish any school assignments possible, he will study alot. Our house will be ridiculously clean. He will do more yardwork than normal. He will go grocery shopping. He will do all the laundry that I ignored this last weekend. He will work on projects that have been ignored lately, like hanging up pictures, cleaning out the garage and i'm sure he will put the crib together. And when i get home from my 10 hour work days he will give me back rubs and listen to me complain about how horrible my day was.

I have THE greatest husband in the WORLD!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

black & white

Okay, so I am on a pretty big Black and White kick right now. I love the idea of the furniture in the nursery being either of those colors, with lots of Black and White accents. I love it even more that it pops out against that super bright green wall.

So here's something new for me....I am going to be making the bedding for the crib, with some major help coming from my uber talented seamstress sister!!! But here is a peek at the fabric that I am considering. the white fabric is a soft minky chenille fabric.

What do ya'll think...too much?