Monday, November 15, 2010

back with a vengeance!!

That evil little monthly pal that all of us ladies have to eternally endure has finally made a reapperance in my life, and needless to say it was no pleasant suprise! I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 14 months free of the nuisance!! To top it off, for some reason, maybe it's because of the extended leave of abscence but it decided to make quite the entrance! Using the word vengeance isn't really doing it justice! It always felt like death was upon me in the past, but now that i've had a baby and enjoyed my freedom, it seems to feel more like an endless reign of unbearable torture in the pits of hell where no friendly light awaits me at the end of the tunnel. I fear this is the end of me least for the next few days :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rice Cereal, YUM!

He eats a very little bit at a time, mostly he just wants to chew on the spoon. It's fun practice anyways :)

Sitting Up!

Kaleb is nuts..........seriously he is all over the house with his crazy rolling! Now he is really starting to get the whole sitting up thing. I've been 'meaning' to buy a bumbo for sometime now, but i doubt i'm going to at this point. He loves to wear these jammies and play with the little doggie ears on the toes! It gets to the point where he can't take it anymore and HAS to put them in his mouth, and falls face first :) He's been sitting up on his own for very very short increments of timelately...and then toppling over and rolling away.....madness! he is growing way to fast!