Tuesday, October 28, 2008

soooo busy!!!!

Lately us Tiemans have been very busy!!!! I'm actually surprised i've kept up this Blog at all this month! We Just got called to the Bear Den leaders for the Cub Scouts in our ward....lol, man was i clueless when it comes to scouts!!! I figured it would be such an easy calling. I had no clue the amount of work that goes into being a den leader!! It's very time consuming, and Tuesdays are taken up from her on out, but we're both SO happy to be working with the boys. It's a ton of fun and an awesome learning experience for us both!
Next on our list to do...Halloween Party!!! I'm so exited for halloween, it is my favorite time of the year! I love costumes, creepy decorations, pumpkins, and all the cheesy scary movies they play on t.v....it's awesome! I love it so much i thought, 'hey, why not throw a little halloween party, that should be fun!'...little turned into a lot!! I've been prepping things ALL month, and i'm super paranoid that i won't get it all together for Friday, but i'm sure it'll all be fine and it's just me being overly stressed! I also made my costume this year and I made a few of our decorations.
So between work, scouts, and halloween stuff.....wait a minute, what "between", there is NO In between!! hahahaha...anyways, i just wanted to rant about my busy life right now...and hopefully none of you feel like i'm ignoring you lately, or at least now you know why :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NOVEMBER 21st...what a day!!

Metallica Concert Nov.21st 7:00pm
The day that never comes(or at least felt like it wouldn't) FINALLY CAME!
YES! Jared and I were lucky enough to go the Metallica concert at the Jobing.com arena last night!! It was the opener of the Death Magnetic tour and it was amazing!! This album rocked and they played lots of songs from it! The band ditched their softer side and brought us the great Metallica Metal Music!!! Oh how i missed it! We were 3 rows from the pit and then the stage was 30 feet away or so....our seats kicked butt!! We got to rock out to one of the best bands ever! for 3 blissful hours!!! I may not be able to speak today, and i my ears might still be ringing by the weekend, but it was SO worth it people!!! The crowd was incredibly loud, I think the band could have played pure crap and they still would have screamed all night! James Hetfield was ridiculous...that man had so much energy! If they ever come back, you absolutely have to go, what a night!!!!! My favorite performances were "the end of the line", "master of puppets"(yes they played the whole wonderful song), and "nothing else matters"......I think my hearing was pretty much gone by the 2nd encore but I could still feel the beat from Lars pounding away on those drums, I think I still do, but it may just be a headache :)

SETLIST if anyone is curious....how do you create a setlist of 15 songs from Metallica?!?! SO many to choose from, but these rocked

1. “That Was Just Your Life” (Death Magnetic)

2. “The End of the Line” (Death Magnetic)

3. “Sad But True”

4. “Wherever I May Roam”

5. “One”

6. “Broken, Beat & Scarred” (Death Magnetic)

7. “Cyanide” (Death Magnetic)

8. “Frantic”

9. “Until It Sleeps”

10. “The Four Horsemen”

11. “The Day That Never Comes” (Death Magnetic)

12. “Master of Puppets”

13. “Fight Fire with Fire”

14. “Nothing Else Matters”

15. “Enter Sandman”

Encore 1: “Last Caress”
Encore 2: “So What”
Encore 3: “Seek & Destroy”

Friday, October 17, 2008

why not?

I am ... really mad that i have to be at work right now!
I know... how to drive a forklift! (i just learned on tuesday)
I want... to buy a dog
I have... a really messy house right now!
I wish... i was home working on my Halloween stuff
I hate... negative people
I miss... seeing josh and claudia
I fear... not being able to have children
I feel... like having a hot dog for lunch today
I hear... the worst honky tonk hick music right now, seriously, it's bad
I crave... entertainment ALL the time
I search... for my shoes way too often
I wonder... if Jared got out of bed at all this morning?
I regret... not putting on deodarant this morning
I love... my amazing husband!!!
I care... about little furry woodland creatures :)
I always... forget to turn off the front patio lights
I am going... to the Metallica concert in 4 days!!!
I believe... i have the best family in the world
I dance... on my bed sometimes when i think i'm alone, but Jared usually catches me doing it and makes fun of me for days
I sing... ALL the time, way too loud, especially when Jared is studying and it drives him nuts
I fight... with Jared about how America's Next Top Model really IS a good show!
I write... on this blog when i can
I lose... my patience with the teachers at work ALOT
I never... send back those stupid e-mails where you have to forward them for good luck....UGH!
I listen... to Jared snoring almost every night
I am scared... of the dark when i'm alone
I need to clean... my house so bad, i have halloween crap everywhere!
I think it's crazy... that anyone would vote for Obama!

Monday, October 13, 2008


8 TV Shows I Like to watch:
The Office
America's Next Top Model
Biggest Loser
Monday Night Football
Man vs. Wild
How It's Made
Kitchen Nightmares

8 Restaurants I like to eat at:
Pei Wei
Panda Express
Old Spaghetti Factory
Dazzo's :)

8 Things that happened today:
Woke up TOO early
went to work
ate leftover spaghetti and stuffed mushrooms for lunch
was attacked by a horde of grasshoppers
worked on my halloween projects
took a 15 minute nap
mailed in my early voters ballot

8 Things I am looking forward to:
jared's Fajitas for dinner tonight!
Metallica concert on the 21st!
my Halloween party
Fable 2 coming out on the 21st too!
my birthday(even tho it won't be exiting)
Jared being done with school!!!!
my nephews baptism
going to bed at a decent hour!

8 Things on my wish list:
to finish my costume :)
get a puppy
buy a new bedroom set for our room w/ a KING bed!!
have some babies in the future
win the lottery and get to do hobbies ALL the time instead of work!
get into better shape for next years Paria hike
go to Africa
finish my degree

8 People to tag:
anyone who hasn't done it yet!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Whoops, the pictures kinda go from the end to the beginning, oh well...enjoy!!
I absolutely LOVE having a laundry room, no more quarters is the best!!!
another shot of the laundry room, it's pretty large!
last but not least..our garage has room for 3, so the Camaro is finally where is belongs...with me!!
door to the Master bedroom that is way to messy to let you guys see :)
but you can peek at my bathroom
and our big closet with tons of room, I love it!
(Jared's side)

One of my favorite things about our house....the HUGE pantry!!!
Family Room (Halloween decorations starting to be put up)
Jared's favorite part of the house
Guest bathroom
Jared studying away in his messy den

In the kitchen looking at some hallways and the garage door and pantry door
I LOVE my kitchen!
I also LOVE our fridge!
my super cool spice drawer organizer..i love it, i just need more spices!
more organizers for my drawers....Shirley would be SO proud!

YAY! Pictures!!

Home Sweet Home!

Super nice paver walkway that Jared & Tom rocked out!
Another shot, they did one going to the back gate too, they're awesome!
Front Entry
Front Room (half that has furniture in it anway)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

been a long time....

sheesh, i have no excuses really, but MAN it's been a while since i've posted here. Life get's really busy I guess, especially with Jared back in school this semester, and my new job is very exhausting!! But, enough of that

- update time -

We've been out here in Surprise for just over 2 months now. We LOVE being in our own house!! It's extremely spacious for us, especially since we came from a 1 bedroom condo. Basically we have tons of room and nothing to fill it up with :) Hopefully we'll get a new bedroom set soon and we can throw our old stuff into one of the rooms for a "guest room" Our front room is still unfurnished as well. For the most part we are done being moved in. We love our new ward out here. It's HUGE, and we haven't met everyone yet, but we've felt very much at home there. It's such a nice change from our last ward. I haven't decided if I want to put up pictures of the house because we've started decrating for our Halloween party, so we'll see, as long as you all don't think i normally decorate my house with skulls and spider webs, i guess i can snap a few pictures tomorrow.

Jared is still at GCC finishing up all the classes he can take there before he has to go to ASU. He is doing really well in all his classes, straight A's so far. He's been doing a great job of juggling his homework with his nightly Call of Duty 4 time(my favorite time of the day......NOT!)

I started a new job with Nadaburg School District as a Clerk for the Maintenance dept. It was supposed to be mostly data entry, but it's turned into a heck of alot more than that!!!! I do all the running around for the district, and i'm in charge of the receiving area......school's get a TON of stuff. Sometimes it's very overwhelming and I come home and collapse at 7pm, but it's not a bad job. I get to carpool everyday with my Mom, so i get to save gas money and chat with my mom everyday...it's a pretty sweet deal, but i'm sure she's sick of me by now :)

That's pretty much it for the Tieman's right now, life is sweet!