Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Summer Heat....NOT!
2. hiking down the Paria Canyon in May
3. getting my Blue-Raspberry Rainbow after the hike :)
4. Jared finishing school!!!!
5. a vacation
6. starting a Family in the future
7. Wicked in July
8. finishing my Craft Room

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. worked
2. went Grocery Shopping
3. complained about my sore legs!
4. watched a movie with Jared
6. played Fallout 3
7. forgot to take a shower
8. ate Taco's for dinner just so i could have Guacamole

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. a backflip
2. be better at sewing
3. not have to work
4. crank my A/C down to 70
5. pee standing up, anytime and anywhere on a road trip
6. go to the movies more!
7. be a judge on American Idol so I could tell Adam Lambert how much he sucks!!
8. eat hot dogs every day

8 Shows I Watch:
1. The Office
2. Smallville
3. Americas Next Top Model
4. Biggest Loser
5. Survivor
6. Man vs. Wild
7. Food Network Challenge
8. American Idol

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the year curse!

Every job I have ever worked at has had the same weird issue. Right at about a year of working there, something crummy happens. I mean usually the first year isn't anything spectacular, but it's not bad, and I don't mind working there....BUt then at that Year Mark, it goes to the craps!!! I've waited it out each time, dealt with it for a bit, but really it ultimately drives me to finding another job. It really kinda sucks actually. And what do you know, I've been working at my job now for 10 months, and something really lame came up! I'm not going to go into now, but it's really annoying and I feel like it's some weird Job Curse i've been stricken with!!!!! What the heck man, seriously?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


no not the T.V. show, it's how old, Jared, my sweet sweet hubster turned TODAY!

Happy Birthday Love!! You are the best!
took this picture almost exactly 2 years ago for our wedding invitations

Monday, April 6, 2009

a Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush....

...then how much is a bird in the truck worth??

I've had a request to post this horrific event. I really didn't want to re-live the experience, but they did say 'please'.

I had to run into town for work unexpectedly, so I had no lunch options that day. After arguing with my stomach for what felt like 6 hours, I caved and pulled into the Drive-thru at a fancy KFC/Taco Bell Combo.....nothing says lunch like a fast food duo.
After listening to the inhuman like noises my stomach was making for a few minutes, finally I was able to pay & grabbed my 99c meal of no value! Remember, i was driving a primitive vehicle from work, so thanking the lady and rolling up the 4 foot window at the same time is no small feat! As i neared the end of the drive-thru, still rolling up the window (i think i had about 2 feet to go), the roaring engine of the old Ford Ranger scattered a few doves picking away at some KFC leftovers on the ground.
2 birds flew gracefully up and away from the truck.....one bird however, chose poorly. And by poorly I mean, flying in the direction of the KFC wall, bouncing off said wall and shooting directly into my still remaining OPEN window.
Yes this bird flew right past my face and into the passenger side CLOSED window and proceeded to flop frantically around the tiny cab of the truck. In the process, spilling my medium Mt. Dew all over the carpet! I of course reacted how any normal human being sharing a small truck with a wild crazy Dove would....
I fReAkEd OuT!!! My arms were flailing around everywhere, I was screaming in a made up tongue, and to my dismay the selt belt release disappeared from the truck! I was stuck!! By some miracle i finally found the button and managed to throw the door open and throw myself out as well. I stood against the Fast Food building for a few minutes hopping up and down, trying to get all the feathers off of me as I waited for the bird to find it's way out of the car.
When the bird finally made it's exit, I realized i was still parked in the drive-thru and probably blocking everyone who had their food. I turned around to see the friendly employee with half of her body sticking through the freakishly small drive-thru window laughing histerically along with everyone in the Big Truck that was directly behind me.
I took my bow, walked with my head held high and marched back into the feather filled war zone of a truck and pulled swiflty into the closest parking space where I literally sat and laughed at myself for a good 3 minutes.
I wonder how the bird's story went?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

almost finished!!

So we finally got some more furniture for our front room!(thank you tax return). We bought the 4 chairs and the bookcase. The bookcase matched the larger one we bought for the other side of the room and the chairs we picked out from Target. Actually, if you ask Jared, he'll tell you that he chose the chairs. :)
Now we're on the lookout for a round table to go in the middle of all the chairs, but I'm so glad to finally have something else in there. Slowly but surely we are finishing our house, yay!!