Monday, October 24, 2011

patiently waiting i guess

Quick little update on Baby Tieman numero 2.....she is still cooking! I am So ready for this little girls arrival, but I guess she is not :)
Ever since my last Dr's appointment I have been having lots of contractions. They are even pretty consistent, but they are just not getting any stronger or closer together, so I know going to the hospital would be a waste! Especially since the doc said if I did go they would probably keep me there since I am already dilated to 4cm. Then if I didn't progress they would end up breaking my water for me or putting me on pitocin...yuck! I really want things to happen on their own, so i'm waiting until labor really hits to go in.
Because of all the contractions, I haven't been getting much sleep at all, so I have been trying plenty of 'natural' labor inducers....WALKING sucks! Seriously it's a chore, and i don't think it's helping either...i just get really tired after we get back home! Nothing else has kick started anything either, so I'm thinking it'll happen when it happens and thats that :)
I can't wait till she gets here, I'm so excited to see that little face and get to be done being hugely pregnant. I'm not a big complainer but being this pregnant with Kaleb was much much easier...Jared says it's because girls are a pain :)
Hopefully my next post will be full of hospital pictures and a cute little baby girl!!!