Thursday, August 9, 2012

the cabin and Bearizona!

 So moving back to AZ in July....not cool, not cool at all.  Actually it's blazing hot!! So basically the first weekend back Jared decided he was tired of the hot and wanted to go up to the cabin to enjoy some nicer weather.  It was even more beautiful than normal with all the rain too!  We went up Friday in the late afternoon.  Saturday morning we decided to go see the Dark Night Rises in Flagstaff since grandma and grandpa were willing to watch the babies.  It was super good and we had fun getting to to go out together on our own!!
(Bearizona: at the walk-thru entrance)
Saturday afternoon we took the kids to Bearizona which is in Williams.  We've gone there a few times before and every time we go it gets bigger and better.  This time was no different, they had lots more animals and a pretty cool bird show that they added on.  And it seemed like the bear population doubled in the drive thru area.  Kaleb had a blast running around everywhere, and Tenley was happy to be outside :)  I didn't take any pictures while we did the drive-thru section of the park, but I did take a few in the walking area. We really had a great time up at the cabin, like usual :) can't wait to find another excuse to go up!
Kaleb peeking through the bars at something?

Kaleb waving 'bye' to the goats in the petting zoo

Handsome freaking boys!

Kaleb in front of the baby bears looking super cute :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

quick move...again

We have been back in AZ for a few weeks now, and since I am done unpacking and actually have some free time I am finally getting around to blogging about it :)  I never did post about our 1st "quick move" because 1. we were in a new state all by ourselves so getting settled in took a while.  and 2. i had a new born baby who was quite the handful!
To make a long story short, Jared came home one Monday evening when I was HUGE pregnant and said "hey we're moving to New Mexico"....I went into labor that night :)  I had a beautiful baby girl that was about 2 weeks old when we yah we had about 2 weeks to pack, find a place to live, and move.  We did have a lot of help getting ready to move, thank you Grandmas!  It took a long time to get to our new place in New Mexico...lots of stops with a brand new baby :)  It was a pretty hectic, crazy fast forward about 9 months and we had to do it again :)
The job in New Mexico was basically done so we knew we would be going somewhere else soon, we just didn't know where or exactly when. Jared texted me from work saying "I know where we're going, do you want to know?" lol, of course!  So he tells me back to AZ on the 23rd, and I was super exited to be around family again.  I didn't realize when he told me the 23rd, he was referring to less than 2 weeks away July 23rd...I just assumed he meant August :)  SO in a giant blur, and basically solo I packed up everything in our little apartment in about a week!  The kids were a little crazy, they got into every box and Kaleb got to watch a lot of movies that week :) We also ate way too much fast food since i refused to go grocery shopping or cook...and all our pans were packed anyways.  I have to admit, even though it was a faster move and i had less help than the 1st time it was much MUCH easier this time!
Because the notice was so short and because we didn't know whether the job here would be another temporary move we decided to move in with Jared's parents until we find all that out.  They are awesome, and let us take over the basement for the time being :) I didn't get pictures of the move or the drive down but i did take one of Kaleb's favorite place to sit while mommy packed and packed and packed :)
I am so glad we are here and done with boxes, hopefully I won't be posting about anymore speedy moves anytime soon!