Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tenley's 1st Birthday

Would you just look at her! AHH! can't believe my beautiful baby is this grown up! It was a tough year in some spots for sure, but she brings so much fun and joy to our little family!!

I had so much fun planning/preparing for her party!  Don't you just LOVE all the pink? you know her daddy did :)  Seriously it looks like a lot of work but I spread it out over a whole lot of time and thanks to Pinterest for making me look creative!

She loved all her presents and even though she was a little lady and shy about her cake, she loved it!
We also rented this killer bounce house/slide combo.  We had lots of kids coming and I needed a way to entertain them without any effort from my part, bingo!  and the stinking LOVED it!  My kids even played in it once everyone was gone and up until it was well spent!

We had so much fun celebrating her big day! We love you miss Tenley!!!