Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hApPy BiRtHdAy to my BEAUTIFUL sister Jenny!! I love you sis!!!! Hope you have an awesome day!!
------------> Here she is with her adorable family, she has the cutest kids and the worlds greatest husband!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i have the BEST husband in the world!!!!

SURPRISE!! today he drove all the way out to my work just to bring me a Lemon-Berry Slush from SONIC!!!! ah, he sure knows what makes me ridiculously happy! I am the luckiest girl ever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

waiting sucks

So if you haven't noticed my sweet counter for the release of Transformers 2 is o v e r, and I still haven't seen the movie! It sucks, waiting sucks!
I am pretty much the QUEEN of midnight releases, I LOVE going to them! I love waiting in ridiculously long lines for hours and hours and watching all the super nerds that are dressed in costumes be super nerdy! Yah, I know, I'm one of those super nerds! SO what was I doing at midnight, not watching the movie so what does it even matter?! After a long debate I decided it was best to forgo the midnight experience just this once. It sucks really bad, but it just wasn't really possible for my sweets and I to go. So after all this waiting, I have to wait one more day!! We'll be going tomorrow night at 7:45 and I can't wait, it's going to be complete awesomeness!

UPDATE: I was sick of seeing the counter saying 'countdown complete', because well, it's not complete for me yet, so i reset it for my personal showtime for tomorrow, ha ha!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

memory lane

(Warning: long post ahead)
So yesterday I was looking through my old e-mail account and I came across a conversation I had with Jared's cousin, Joshua....it was back when Jared was still on his mission, about 4 months until he was coming home(10/31/06 to be exact). Well, waiting for Jared was one of the toughest things I've ever done, and reading back on things like this reminds me of how much I appreciated Josh!! He was there for me for the entire 2 years, and I really don't think I would have made it without him. He can be a super turd, and we fight each other all the time, but Josh holds a very special place in my heart, and I hope he knows how much his friendship meant to me while Jared was gone. Well, anyways, this particular conversation is of a Story Josh made up for me. There's a lot of inside jokes i guess, but I had to post it so I NEVER forget it, hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. THANKS JOSH!!!

ME: i can't sleep josh, tell me a story
jOsh_tieman: there once was a girl named Becky, who wandered through life with dreams of owning a big block nova
ME: i like this story.....
jOsh_tieman: but alas her evil father the king had promised the nova to her younger brother who showed no interest in it
ME: nooooooo!!!!
jOsh_tieman: but it was at this time that a handsome young prince came into this fair lady’s life
jOsh_tieman: he was handsome, funny, smart...well ok maybe he was funny cause he was just goofy and maybe he was quick witted
jOsh_tieman: but hey i’m tellin the story
jOsh_tieman: so this handsome young prince came into the young lady’s life and swept her off her feet
ME: this is good stuff
jOsh_tieman: when he first came to pick her up he arrived on his fathers steed, the most expensive horse in all the land named Escalade
jOsh_tieman: however, this did not impress the young damsel
ME: hahaha, that's right!
jOsh_tieman: so the next time the prince came to get her he arrived on a horse named Camaro that his extremely handsome and beyond pimp cousin had first suggested to the young prince that he should purchase
ME: lol, yep can't forget that important part
jOsh_tieman: for you see his cousin was no ordinary man but in fact a wise wizard who proceeded to teach the young prince squire all he needed to know to survive in the land
jOsh_tieman: so this wizard instructed the young price that while this steed did not appear at first to be the strongest or best looking horse, that in time it would turn out to be far more desirable than even the young prince could handle
jOsh_tieman: the wizard instructed the prince in the care of this steed and showed him how to raise, nurture it, ride it, and help it develop into a mighty steed
ME: smart wizard
jOsh_tieman: at this point in the story the prince was called away on a special adventure by his father, the duration of which would be no less than two years
ME: lol
jOsh_tieman: it would be fraught with danger, exposure to new kingdoms
jOsh_tieman: people, places, foods, and all sorts of experiences that would further shape the young prince
jOsh_tieman: for the wizard had explained to him that this was how he gained a vast amount of his knowledge, of course he was born with a great deal of knowledge also but the wizard left that out
jOsh_tieman: so the young prince ventured into the cruel cold world, alone, left to fend for himself and learn those things that he was sent to learn
jOsh_tieman: and as the time passed he grew and learned and matured into a mighty fine young prince. it was during this time he grew in emotional stature to a point where one day he would be able to rule his own kingdom
jOsh_tieman: of course he shrank in physical stature but hey what do you expect eating rice and beans
ME: hahahah!!!!!
jOsh_tieman: so his journey continued, and he grew and grew till one day he awoke and found that his time had passed
jOsh_tieman: for his adventure had grown to a close
ME: and...
jOsh_tieman: before he even had expected it, he had to return to his home land and tell tales of his adventures from the faraway kingdom
jOsh_tieman: so he rode home
ME: yay!!!
jOsh_tieman: and as he entered the kingdom he began to see all of his loved ones, his parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and all those people who meant the most to him in life
jOsh_tieman: but alas! there was no maiden
ME: lol, whatev
jOsh_tieman: what could have befallen her in his two year time span?
jOsh_tieman: perhaps she was consumed by a horrible dragon?
jOsh_tieman: perhaps some other young prince had stolen her heart?
ME: not!
jOsh_tieman: nope, she was busy at the castle playing Halo with her brothers.... and behold the prince’s anger waxed strong against the fair lady
jOsh_tieman: not really
ME: haha
jOsh_tieman: i just threw that last part in for certain members of my audience…..
jOsh_tieman: so the prince returned home and found that his steed had grown further
jOsh_tieman: that his maiden had grown fairer and also matured much
ME: lol, thanks
jOsh_tieman: for she too had her share of hardships while he was away
jOsh_tieman: but behold the day came when they returned to each others embrace and had one of the greatest weddings in the history of the kingdom
ME: lol, alright!
jOsh_tieman: and the young prince returned to the wizard and thanked him immensely for the steed, the maiden, and everything else he had given him in life
jOsh_tieman: and behold the fair maiden and the young prince rode off on their steed and grew old and happy together and their kingdom prospered and they had a wonderful life together
ME: so they all lived happily ever after, even the wizard right?
jOsh_tieman: until a mere ten years later they attended the pimp wizards funeral after he died mysteriously in a hang gliding accident at the brutally young age of 33
jOsh_tieman: the end!
ME: lame ending!!! do-over!
jOsh_tieman: ha
jOsh_tieman: you know you loved it
ME: other than the ending, i loved it, it was a wonderful story
ME: i think i'm gonna have to save it, and show jared someday
jOsh_tieman: k the wizard found a young maiden of his own, had a amazing wedding, and had kids that would beat the crap out of the young princes kid all the freakin time!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I HATE school

and I'm not even in it!! Yes, HATE is a strong word, but school sucks! I know the end is great and it's all worth it and blah blah blah, but I miss my husband! I don't get to see him at all on Mondays and Wednesdays, especially with me working 10 hour days now. The days that he's not in school, he usually locks himself in the den and literally studies ALL night!! My dear sweet precious weekends, I am so glad I still have you!!! But seriously people, I can't WAIT until school is over for good!!! In the meantime, I really need to get some new hobbies, I've been spending most of my freetime doing this:and this........
and lots and lots of this........These are all series that i've read over and over, and currently am reading again. Don't get me wrong, I love these books, but does anyone have any reading suggestions for me?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


....I sure could use a bunch right about now.........