Monday, May 24, 2010

the Final Countdown....

well sort of anyways :) We had an appointment last Friday and were able to take the baby's measurments...again. What do you know, he's still quite large! He was measuring at about 7 and a half pounds, which is a good 2 weeks ahead of where 'normal' is. It puts him right around 10lbs if I was to go to 40 weeks, which my doctor is not conerned about. Apparently, he is confident that i would have no problems pushing out a 10 pound baby, lol! However, the doctor is concerned with the baby's head measurements, which were putting him at 41 weeks! He's got quite the noggin! Basically if I was to continute to my due date, his head would not fit and I would definitley be having a c-section. NO THANKS!
So really, the countdown begins on Thursday, we have another appt. and we will be getting the date that i will be induced. Sounds kind of funny actually, getting told the day your baby will be born :) I was very positive in the beginning of my pregnancy that i would be going into labor naturally, aka, no inducing for this much for that! :) I will admit, i was a little dissapointed to hear that I would for sure be getting induced, but I have an amazing doctor who I trust completely. And honestly I really do not want to be forced into a c-section if i can avoid it. Whatever is best for me and the little man is what I'm going with!
It's very exciting, but also a little annoying....seriously I can't WAIT for thursday! I can't believe i'm going to get to meet this little guy soon. I have been so blessed with such a wonderful pregnancy, and Jared and I are SO ready to be parents officially!!!