Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Does anyone else SEE what my christmas countdown says?!?! I probably won't post again til after SO...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

This one is just for Katums

(yes this picture is of me, and yes i am in a giant box) This is back in the good ole DB days and without Katie I would NEVER have worked there! I came in just because she told me to apply, i didn't really want to work there, but they interviewed me on the spot and what do you know I became a somewhat faithful employee of Deseret Book.....lol, okay no i wasn't a faithful employee at all, but surprisingly enough I LOVED working there. I got to spend time with the greatest person ever!!

Katie is the most beautiful person i have ever met! Don't be jealous, just deal with it! Seriously tho, she has the best, funniest, happiest, craziest, goofiest, biggest, HEART!! Yes we officially met at girls camp, and I was quiet.....okay i admit, but i was probably only quiet because i was mad i had to go to girls camp in the first place! Little did i know i would be going to the same highschool as her a year later!

Working at DB together
I never hated highschool, i loved it! Especially all the moments in drama with katie! Just a highlight of the best times:
Katie doesn't wear shoes....ever. She always takes them off in class and one time we could not find her shoes anywhere!! Being the shoeless girl she is, it didn't bother her and she went home without them. Well that night at one of the Plays at school I was up in the light booth i believe and what do i spot at the very front of the stage sitting ever so out of place...the missing shoes!

At seminary...this one's pretty old, Sophmore year i thinkOne time we decided to ditch our last hour, but where did we go? We went underneath the stage in the orchestra pit. There were all these boxes and we set them up around us so we wouldn't be seen. Katie layed down on a dead mouse, and she wanted me to take care of it for her...ew! And then to top it off Mrs. Imel found us down there and we pretended like we were sleeping, so great!

In theatre and NO! katie did not buy this shirt just because she had a crush on the boy from XTORTION!!! :) another day of ditching: you know those areas at the church where they put all the a/c units...well that's where we went to ditch class(hey none of us were old enough to drive yet, and the church was across the street) look Katie isn't wearing any shoes.
After school we went to the vending machines, well Katie felt something hit her head as we were walking, and she turns around to yell at these kids sitting at a table. I laughed SO hard because it was actually a bird that pooped on her!! And then she got really mad at me because i wouldn't get it off!!!

Grad night with Lisa and Marissa 2 other very beautiful ladies!
I had SO many good times with this woman during highschool and then after graduation when we worked together! Katie knew that i was crazy about my husband before I did, and while he was gone on his mission she was my rock. I would not have survived without her. Everytime I think of Katie I smile and I can't think of a single thing bad about her. Even when she has cottage cheese palms or grapefruit eye, or hasn't showered all week, she is beautiful!

Katie the great doodle artist...she drew this of me and jared and our story while he was on his mission :)
So moral of the story is that I am sorry if you don't know Katie, but I am a vey lucky person for having found such a great friend. You are the greatest Katums!! Thank you for giving me more than 3 strands of hair in the picture you drew!
ps. she also makes up the best games....but that's a whole other story for another day...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


i'm a little late as usual in posting, BUT......jared got his locks cut off!!!! I can't even explain to all of you how happy this makes me :) Granted, I loved some of the shaggy days, but enough is enough! I haven't seen my hubby with short hair since our wedding!! That was a year and a half ago people! So anyways, he had his Mom cut it for him while we were all at the cabin, and I got to cut the first chunk off and it felt great!!! Here's some pictures!!

Look at ALL that hair!! let the cutting begin!The new Jared..........HA! I don't think so, but this picture is hilarious and extremely disturbing.....I guess I know what my husband would look like as a complete redneck!!
The REAL finished product...Now that is one Sexy Beast!

1 semester down....

...i really don't know how many more to go :) Jared is officially done with ALL of his finals and is done with school this semester!!! He is also finished with G.C.C. and will be at ASU main next semester. No more switching schools, ASU is where he will stay and finish. He has had to go to Glendale Community, Paradise Valley Community, Mesa Community, and Phoenix College for various classes, it will be nice to not have to worry about the different places he's at all the time. I seriously always forgot where he is!! I am SOOO proud of all the hardwork he has put into his schooling. He studies very hard, and puts so much time into each class. I know I give him a hard time for getting on the Xbox between study sessions, and I always bug him while he is studying, but he made it through another semester of it all! I love you SO much Jared, and I'm so exited for the next few weeks of NO school!!! good job babay!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I got this one in an e-mail, but I decided to do it as a TAG instead!

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things.. nothing made up!
You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

GIRL NAME: Bathsheba
A COLOUR: Burgundy
BEVERAGE: Blue Raspberry Koolaid
FOOD: Beets
A PLACE : Borneo
SOMETHING YOU SHOUT: 'BOY it's good to see ya!'(what?.. i can't type that bad one!)