Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Yesterday Kaleb turned 3! I cannot believe 3 years have gone by so quickly, but they really have been the best 3 years!!
I hate to say you are the guinea pig kid, but it's pretty much the truth buddy :) Luckily, you happen to be extremely patient and forgiving with your parents, and you love us even with all our faults, thank you Kaleb! It's been a lot of 'firsts' with you, we have learned so much and I know you will just continue to teach us!
Kaleb, you were the very first baby I carried inside of me, I got to experience those awesome baby kicks for the first time thanks to you.!
You made me a first time mom, it was amazing, even though getting you here was TOUGH! ;)
You taught your father and I what unconditional love really means, you also showed us what it's like to have unbearable, gut wrenching fear.
We experienced those unforgettable first smiles, rolling over, crawling, first tooth, first real boo boo, and first steps watching you grow!
We also got to hear 'mommy' and 'daddy' for the first time! although it was 'daddy' a lot more it still made our hearts burst with joy! and now we get full on silly sentences all day long.  My favorite is when you randomly say 'love you mom' :)
There have been SO many wondering new things we got to experience with you throughout these 3 years and it has truly made our lives FULL! We love you more than we could even try to express and we can't wait to discover all the new and exciting stages of your life still to come.  Just don't forget to be patient with us along the way ;)

some of your very favorite things:
Dad (yep, still)
Superheroes, specifically Ironman even though i've tried to convince you Superman is cooler...oh well
your blanket (yep, still that one too)
sleeping, you LOVE your sleep!
Ice Cream
Legos (the big kid legos, guess you're too cool for the other ones now)
your cousin Tanner, he is totally your favorite
oatmeal and pancakes, you would eat them at every meal if I let you
going to soon as the closing prayer in sacrament is done, you say "it's over" and literally run to class
wrestling with your sister
taking showers
reading books with mom and dad
getting 'cozy' to watch a movie
drawing/scribbling :)

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Happy Birthday Kaleb!