Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh baby, another baby!

yes I am currently 30 weeks pregnant, but hey I'm just barely updating this poor neglected blog :)
Backstory: Jared basically wanted to start 'trying' as soon as Tenley was nearing her 1st Birthday...I on the other hand needed a little longer :)  It may be due to the fact that Kaleb and Tenley are so close in age, she was a surprise baby, or that neither of them are fully potty trained, or maybe because Tenley really was a challenge as an infant, but whatever the reason/excuse I had, deep down I knew a baby would be just around the corner either way.
I finally had a moment of clarity and decided, YES I am ready, and NO I am not crazy... so i gave Jared the green light after Tenley's 1st birthday :)  
Big Fat Positive: we really have been so incredibly blessed to be able to get pregnant quickly and I took a positive test the very beginning of December.  That same day I wrote on one of Tenley's diapers "Big Sis coming 2013", and waited for Jared to come home to put it on her, and convince him she needed a diaper change.  He was in such a grumpy mood when he got home, but that didn't last long at all :) We were thrilled!
Pregnant round 3: this pregnancy, much like the other 2 has been so great (another blessing!) This time we decided to keep it secret for as long as we first it was pretty hard, i so wanted to tell my mom and sisters, but then it just got kind of fun...wondering if people were noticing my expanding waistline or were they just thinking i had one too many dazzo dogs? haha!
We made it facebook official when i was about 16 weeks I believe, back in the beginning of March.  We did tell my family in person first and my sister Donna just about killed me for keeping it secret so long :)  Another thing we decided from the beginning was NOT to find out the baby's gender this time. I thought there was no way I could handle it and would cave, but surprisingly enough it's been really easy! The hardest part is having to come up with names for boys and girls (we still suck at choosing names, and aren't even close!) This pregnancy has felt like it's just flying past me!  I know having 2 little ones is probably distracting me, but I love that I'll forget how far along I am and then feel pleasantly surprised when I figure out that it's further than I was thinking!
Gestational Diabetes, wha?!: at about my 28 week appointment I took the normal 1 hour test, and had ZERO worries since I passed with my last 2 no problem.  So yah, I was a little surprised when they said I needed to come in for the 3 hour test...I chalked it up to a bad meal the day of my 1st test, so again I figured I would pass with flying colors....WRONG! my numbers were very elevated on 2 of 4 blood draws so now I get to prick my fingers 4 times a day and log my numbers for the good ol doc to monitor.  I feel incredibly deprived of my favorite foods, and especially the whole 'no sweets' crap!  It's killer!  However, I am doing really well with watching my carb/sugar intake and the doctor is sure that if my numbers continue to look so good I should have no extra concerns with the labor/delivery.  He said I'm bound to have at least an 8lb baby just because the last 2 kids were 7.15, and 8.6, but he's not worried about me popping out a 10 pounder :) i'm really hoping he's right!  He did say that he would be willing to strip my membranes after 37 weeks if I'm up for it...if it works as well as last time I could be having this little guy or girl in the beginning of August!!  
I am really beyond excited to meet this little one!! I'm feeling pretty well with all things considered, i'm no where near 'prepared' for this baby to get least not like i was with the other 2 :)  Maybe it's the attitude that i know what i'm doing, haha! I probably should start thinking more about names, and hospital bags, and first outfits...i'm sure it will all sneak up on me.  until then I'm gonna enjoy every second of feeling this baby practice it's little gymnastic moves!
*belly shot will be coming, honestly haven't taken a single one!

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