Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

It was a busy, fun filled weekend, so i'm gonna make this simple....

*got off work way early, woohoo!
*drove up North to Lee's Ferry by Marble Canyon
*camped in the crazy rain

*woke up way too early for a weekend
*changed our Paria Canyon hiking plan (thanks a lot RAIN!)
*waited in the rain some more
*hiked 6 miles to the petroglyphs with a billion bugs following me there
*hiked 6 miles back out, the bugs were still there, but biting flies joined them, yay
* r e l a x e d
*drove to Page real quick to get my yummy Blue Raspberry rainbow from R.D.'s
*saw a bunch of my awesome cousins (good luck Terri-Lynn)
*drove back to the camp site
*tried to nap through the crazy Nav's gangsta music
*had yummy hamburgers
*goofed off
*slept through another night, less rain, more noise and light

*took down camp and drove home
*cleaned up all our gear and gave the truck a good washing
*took a LONG beautiful shower
*hung out with the Pens
*s l e p t g o o d

* went to see TERMINATOR SALVATION with my hubs and my bro
(movie was awesome, i love the series!!!)
*saw the sweetest preview to Transformers, seriously i would have paid just to see the preview!! I love this Summer's list of crazy awesome movies coming out!!!!
*dropped my brother off
*went home and Jared played video games FOREVER!
*had Mr. Goodcents for dinner :)
*watched Seven Pounds (BORING) at the Pens house
*s l e p t g o o d

I had a great weekend! Got to spend a lot of time with family, saw a sweet movie, got to hang out with my husband a lot :) I wish all weekends came in days of 3!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...Weekend Update...

this last weekend Jared and I drove over to Tucson for a quick visit with Josh & Claudia. We only stayed until really late Saturday night, but we had lots of fun. I'm SO glad Josh is in medical school, but it's super sad having them all the way in Tucson, we really miss getting to hang out with them!!
We went up Mt. Lemon on Saturday afternoon for a little picnic, and who knew it looks like Flagstaff in Tucson???! Seriously, it was so neat to go from hot desert, to cool, beautiful forest in about a 30 min drive!! We also rented Bed Time Stories while we were there, which was surprisingly really good! Got to take a tour of the Campus where Josh spends all his time and have some good quality chat time with Claudia while the boys were beating a video game.....Yes, they started and finished an entire Xbox game while we were there.............It was a really great time, I'm glad they let us bug them for a couple days!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


So i was talking to my sister Jenny, on Gmail Chat this morning and she had to go take her kids to school, but before she takes off, she's replies "Here... I'm gonna take sis to school. Talk to Ian. :) "
My nephew Ian is 8 years old....do 8 year olds even know how to use instant messaging?????? Apparently they do!
(oh and it's not showing how cool his smiley faces were, or the little heart he typed it, but i think you get the point)
me: IAN
why aren't you going to school buddy?
Sent at 7:57 AM on Monday
jenny: I do not feel good.at all
me: that's not good
Sent at 8:00 AM on Monday

jenny: I no.It horbal.
me: well, i'm going to come see you guys tonight!
Sent at 8:02 AM on Monday
jenny: i guss i better get drest.
me: haha
i won't be there for like 9 hours
so you don't have to get dressed yet :)
Sent at 8:05 AM on Monday

jenny: good
me: did you have fun at T.G.I.F.'s for Ally's birthday dinner?
jenny: :->
Sent at 8:09 AM on Monday

jenny: =) are you crazy. that is wat got me sik.
me: why?
too much dessert?
jenny: ")
me: you are good at making faces Ian
i am not
Sent at 8:15 AM on Monday

jenny: ;) it is cool.
me: HAHA!
so what are you going to do all day?
jenny: =D
Sent at 8:18 AM on Monday

jenny: ;i
me: what was that one?
jenny: :*
Sent at 8:20 AM on Monday

jenny: there is a :) at the bootom of the tip box.
me: oooooooh
lol, I didn't even know that
Sent at 8:25 AM on Monday

jenny: :]
Sent at 8:27 AM on Monday

jenny: =] :} so how is work going ? :-| :D
me: it is slow and boring!
Sent at 8:32 AM on Monday

me: speaking of work, I have to go dooder
but i hope you feel better!
Sent at 8:33 AM on Monday

jenny: thanks. i <3 you.
me: love you to Ian
see you later
jenny: bye

I Love this kid!

I love how long it took him to respond sometimes. Seriously tho, I thought my sister was kidding when she said 'talk to Ian'.....that kid is growing up too fast!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

lesson learned!

Why is it that GOSSIP is such a prominent part of people's "to do" list?? I absolutely hate it, and find it extremely disgusting. The saddest part is that I know I participate in it much more frequently than I even realize. For example, last night:
I'm listening to a couple of people talk about an issue with someone, and I kind of shook my head along with them and said things like 'really?'.....'wow, that's interesting'. I was totally blind to the fact we were gossiping until I figured out the person that they were badmouthing was someone I knew quite well!! At that precise moment I got very defensive, and upset that they would even be describing this person in such a manner. And then it hit me, WOW, how many times have i had participated in conversations just like this one, and I just listened because I didn't really know the person being 'gossiped' about! I wonder if ANY of those past talks were even remotely accurate!!!

I was so surprised by my findings that I think I shocked the poor ladies telling me the story. I might have even embarrassed them with how defensive I got, totally wasn't my intention! I don't even really speak to the person they were talking about anymore, but I felt extremely compelled to express my feelings.

I just really hope I don't forget how I felt last night, and I can recognize when gossiping is going on right in front of my face! I know it's something everyone could probably work on, especially me!!