Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear New Neighbors,

We are so exited to finally have someone to occupy the house next door. We are especially happy that you have little dogs that love to stand by the fence and bark all cute. We're also very thrilled that you leave your back yard lights on all night, mostly because all that light pours through my bedroom window and now I can see at 3am when i get up to use the bathroom. I also just love that there is almost always someone parked in front of our driveway, even when yours is totally empty, cars looks better on the street anyways. But my favorite thing so far has got be that your beautiful children use my back yard as their trash can. At first I wasn't sure but tonight when i took out the trash i was able to witness the airborne garbage. Welcome to the neighborhood, so glad to have you :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

hello everyone

I guess i have ignored Blogland for long enough. Not sure why I haven't posted lately, but we're doing great.
~jared is not looking forward to starting another semester in the next week, and neither am I.
~we got a new sweet little niece on August 14. Aria Renee Tieman (i hope i spelled that right)
Congratulations to jason and jennifer, she is so precious and perfect!
~our Stake split on Sunday, it was pretty exiting. We are still in the Surprise Stake.
~my parents are moving come Sept. 1st to ALASKA!!! It's going to be a big change for all of us, but I am very exited for them and their new adventure!!
~since my parents are moving, my 'not-so-little' brother Waylon is moving in with us for a while, and i am exited, waylon rocks!
Things are going really well for us, I feel so grateful for all of the blessings that we have!!!

2nd Anniversary

We hit 2 years on July 7th, 2009!! I was at Girls Camp that day so we just went out the weekend before, nothing special, just went out to dinner. It's weird how fast time flies by, because it feels like just yesterday that we got married.
Seriously I can remember the day very clearly. I spent the night by myself at our condo, and Jared picked me up that morning to go to our sealing. I remember having slept SOOO well, and I felt really happy. I wasn't nervous at ALL! I remember thinking i was weird for not being even a little nervous....we had an amazing sealing and so much fun at our reception! Our honeymoon was a blast and sometimes it still feels like we're on our honeymoon.
Jared is the best husband ever!! He is constantly helping around the house, and he cooks dinner quite frequently! He always makes sure i'm happy and 'not bored'. He has the biggest heart, always trying to help out people where he can. And he gives the best backrubs ever!!! I have loved every second of our marriage and it just gets better everyday!