Sunday, December 16, 2012

a cabin trip like any other...NOT!

We decided to take another one of our spontaneous, "hey lets go to the cabin" kind of trips.  Plus we really want to go play in the snow!  Well this trip turned into quite the adventure, we got snowed in, couldn't go anywhere til we begged a neighbor with a plow to come clear our driveway and then dig out our van (the silver bullet did great on it's 1st cabin trip, haha)

Luckily there are some random snow clothes up at the cabin because we didn't have crap for snow clothes for the kids!  Took them sledding a few times, they loved it!  As you can see Tenley literally just layed in the sled and didn't move at all the whole time, it was pretty funny to see her just lay there and look around!

Kaleb getting comfy while watching a movie :)

 So continuing with our adventure....not only did we get completely snowed in and have to stay an extra day but the power went off.  It's happened a couple times going up to the cabin but only for a short time, this time it was ALL night!  We had to cook dinner on the fire and use candles and flashlights to go to bed.  It was kind of fun and annoying all at the same time :) Definitely a trip for the books, love that place!!!

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