Monday, December 24, 2012

AZ Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum

What better way to spend Christmas Eve for a little boy obsessed with planes!! We took the kids out to Mesa to check out the AZ wing commemorative Air Force museum (say that 10 times fast)  The admission was pretty dang cheap and Kaleb definitely had a great time!  They had small model planes everywhere, and then we got to just walk around the big hangars and check out all the life size planes :)  I think his favorite part was the little yellow plane wagon that he got to sit in!

We also got to go in the plane that was outside...I really don't remember what it was called (jared would be ashamed)  It's an old bomber of some sort and it was pretty neat.  Everything was really cramped, I cannot even imagine flying in the air in that thing!

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Bryan and Katie said...

Kaleb is SO cute in that tiny yellow plane!